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Waste tirePyrolysis Machines

Japanese inventor Ito Akira has invented a new machine that converts household plastic waste into fuel. With this new machine, the various plastic garbage bags stacked in the kitchen can eventually turn waste into treasure.
The machine first heats the plastic waste and then sends the steam to a system of pipes and water chambers that are cooled and liquefied to reduce to crude oil. Crude oil can act as a fuel for generators and some stoves. After further refining, crude oil can also be converted into gasoline. This machine is sold at Blest Corporation, the company of Ito Akira, and is very popular among consumers. It can convert 1kg plastic garbage bags into 1 liter crude oil, which consumes 1kW. The reduction machine is currently priced at $10,000, and prices may fall further as demand and output increase. The oil produced by the burning of this machine will still emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which has an impact on climate change, but they are a solution to the increasing amount of plastic waste. Envion says it produces about 50 million tons of plastic waste each year. If you convert all of this plastic waste into crude oil, you can reduce your dependence on imported crude oil.
Waste plastic bottles only need to go through 4 processes and process for 30 minutes to produce wood-plastic composite materials from plastic waste and sawdust. This composite material not only contains no formaldehyde, but also has new functions such as environmental protection, low price, and 100% re-use. At present, the wood-plastic composite material has been widely used in construction industry formwork, road guardrails, industrial pallets, packaging boxes and other fields, effectively recycling some plastic waste. The person in charge of Shaanxi Huisheng New Resources Technology Co., Ltd. said that the company has 60 profile production lines with an annual output of more than 20,000 tons of new wood-plastic composite materials. It can not only effectively solve the new road of white pollution and the full utilization of agricultural plant fiber, but also explore a new direct and most economical way for the development of regional economy and circular economy and white pollution control.
It is understood that the company's new wood-plastic agricultural greenhouse skeleton, the market price is not only one-third cheaper than steel, and it can be made into a double-layer membrane greenhouse, which is very helpful for improving the growth of crops. This type of product is not only suitable for building platforms and railings, but also widely used in interior decoration, logistics, transportation pallets and other fields.

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